Hi, I'm Mohammed - Product Manager at Cash App working within the Dessa & Strategic Development sub-org.

I've spent most of my career building deep technical products, first as a Data Platform Engineer at Shopify, where I worked on a Kafka based schematized event streaming library and then as a Product Manager helping Dessa transform from a service oriented business to a product-led company by launching Machine Learning infrastructure related products for enterprises up until our acquisition by Square in 2019.

At Cash App, I have/am working on various projects, including:

  • Open sourcing Dessa's ML infrastructure - Atlas.
  • Using Deep Learning to automate various aspects of Cash App's operations.
  • Testing out & working on various experimental and moonshot projects.

I've received my B.ASc from the Electrical & Computer Engineering department at University of Waterloo; While I don't actively write code anymore as a Product Manager, I still enjoy working on developing side projects (mostly using React Native + Django / Rails) and teaching programming[1].

[1] Most recently I have developed a curriculum to teach CS to a few students including my sister - just enough for them to learn how to navigate the vast world of software. I am currently (very) slowly working on putting the multiple google docs into a book.

A little about my personal mission:
Currently, I am driven by the mission of changing the world's relationship with money & commerce. Specifically, I am inspired by companies like bKashwhose payment infrastructure has given power to the underprivileged & underbanked in Bangladesh; Cash App who are helping the underbanked get access to fantastic financial systems and also my past employer - Shopify, who have empowered small merchants by giving them access to capital and commerce infrastructure.

Understandbly so, I'm also extremely bullish on Cryptocurrency (specifically Bitcoin ₿) and the impact it will have on the underbanked.

TL;DR: I believe a combination of deep tech (like advances in Machine Learning, Distributed & Cloud computing), good product sense and with inclusive UX design we can really shape and transform our relationship with money & business.