Hi, I'm Mohammed - Sr. Product Manager at Cash App working within the Strategic Development sub-org.

I specialize in go-to-market, monetization & growth strategies for early-stage products. My domain expertise is in the areas of Fintech, e-Commerce, Payments facilitation, API products, Data Infrastructure & Deep Learning.

I've spent most of my career building a wide range of products, first as a Data Platform Engineer at Shopify, where I worked on technical data API products and then as a Product Manager at Dessa, helping lead its transformation from a service oriented business to a product-led company all the way up to our acquisition by Square in 2019.

At Cash App, my team primarily focuses on commercializing new business lines and building products that help increase Cash Apps' Total Addressable Market.

I've received my B.ASc from the Electrical & Computer Engineering department at University of Waterloo; While I don't actively write code anymore as a Product Manager, I still enjoy working on developing side projects (mostly using React Native + Django / Rails) and teaching programming[1].

[1] Most recently I have developed a curriculum to teach CS to a few students including my sister - just enough for them to learn how to navigate the vast world of software. I am currently (very) slowly working on putting the multiple google docs into a book.

A little about my personal mission:
Currently, I am driven by the mission of changing the world's relationship with money & commerce. Specifically, I am inspired by companies like bKash whose payment infrastructure has given power to the underprivileged & underbanked in Bangladesh; Cash App who is currently helping the underbanked in US & other areas get access to intuitive financial products and Shopify, who is empowering small merchants by giving them access to capital and commerce infrastructure.

I'm also extremely bullish on Cryptocurrency (specifically Bitcoin ₿ & Ethereum) and the impact it will have on the underbanked.